Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sage Hill Field Trip

Some of our students visited our partner school, Sage Hill High School (Go Lightning!) in Newport Beach. While there, students learned about acting, dancing, and singing.

In the theater

sharpening up our memory with a game
 learning about rythm and how to move on beat

learning a song and what a "score" is
break time!
taking a stroll around campus...the football field 

the baseball field
the library
the quad
the library
being directed by Sage Hill friends

grouped to learn the song
backup voices!
being directed like REAL choir members!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Board Meeting Highlights

The EBC School Board prepares for the meeting.
 Parents and Staff are ready to go!
Mr. Doerges recognizes one of his super students, Karen Manjarrez!
Ms. Fortner recognizes Mr. Doerges for five years of service to EBC.
Ms. Fortner recognizes Ms. Agueda for five years of service.
Ms. Fortner recognizes Mrs. Waliuddin for five years of service.
Architects talk about plans for our new school building!

A school developer representative shares about how they help Charter Schools build schools! 

A Special Visitor...Singer Graciela Beltrán!

Singer Graciela Beltrán visited EBC Academy! She's passionate about education and EBC brought back memories of her elementary school. See her interview on Primer Impacto, Tuesday, October 18!
 Graciela Greets EBC Students...

Thank You Graciela! You're a class act!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hispanic Heritage Museum

We wrapped up Hispanic Heritage Month with a Hispanic Heritage Museum. There were many excellent projects submitted by classes and students...check them out!

 Love the colors...